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Intuition & Logic is a small business that delivers big results. With over a decade of experience working in the federal market, we understand how to effectively manage federal projects. Our CPARS ratings are a testament to our success.

Small Business Entity (Water Resources Solutions-Intuition & Logic JV, LLC)
A Joint Venture between Water Resources Solutions and Intuition & Logic Engineering, Inc.

Fort Riley Limesludge Closure and Hydraulic Study

The US Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District retained WRS-I&L JV to connect the Fort Riley, KS tactical equipment motor-pool facility (TEMF) Sedimentation Basins discharge piping directly to the piping at the head of the Installation Vehicle Wash Facility (IVWF) four-cell lagoon system and develop 35% design plans and specifications.

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Sea Wall Engineering at Ouachita Job Corp

Lake edge analysis and design.

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Initial Eligibility Inspection of 73 Flood Control Facilities – Multiple Counties, Southern California

Initial Eligibility Inspections and Inspection Reports for 73 Flood Control Works (FCW), W912P9-10-D-0505, Task Order CQ01. The FCWs including 29 Channels and 44 Basins ranging in size from small to massive. The FCW’s protect over 557 square miles of land in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County.

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Cottonwood Springs Conduit Evaluation – Cottonwood Springs Dam, SD

Evaluation of the Cottonwood Springs Dam Conduit.

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USACE – Levee Periodic Inspection (Multiple Districts)

Intuition & Logic Engineering along with our joint venture partners have provided Levee Periodic Inspection (PI) services to the US Army Corps of Engineers Omaha and Kansas City Districts.

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