Flood Control Works

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Flood control works consists of those structural and non-structural practices for influencing, guiding, moderating or otherwise controlling flood waters in our communities. Dams, levees and detention basins are the most common flood control works. Aside from flood mitigation, flood control works can provide a variety of functions, from water quality, to recreation, wildlife habitat, and/or purely aesthetic benefits. At Intuition & Logic we embrace all of the possibilities and work with our clients during the design to determine which aspects should manifest in the final product.
Intuition & Logic provides design, modeling, retrofit analysis and inspection services for a variety of flood control works including levees, detention basins, wet ponds, wetlands, microdetention, underground storage and flood channels. Intuition & Logic also provides Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) dam safety inspections.

SE Hackamore and SE Secretariat Flood Control

This project illustrates Intuition & Logic Engineering, Inc. (I&L) flood control, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, and enclosed system design capabilities.

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