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Intuition & Logic provides masterplanning services for our clients, with projects ranging from small sub-basins to watersheds covering hundreds of square miles. Our watershed masterplanning services range from Flood Analysis, Channel Erosion Analysis (Fluvial Geomorphology), Water Quality, Endangered Species, Habitat Evaluation, Public Engagement and more. A key result of masterplanning is the development of the Capital Improvement Plan. We develop prioritized Capital Improvement Projects to address the problems identified in the analysis including project cost estimates; project maps illustrating construction access, project limits and ROW needs; project implementation schedule and more.
GIS data collection and management is fundamental to our masterplanning efforts. The professionals at Intuition & Logic are well versed in the use of GIS tools and software allowing us to leverage these resources to produce reliable masterplans on a variety of project types. Intuition & Logic has also developed a custom interface for field data collection that enables us to dramatically improve our field data collection efficiency over traditional methods.