Sea Wall Engineering at Ouachita Job Corp

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Project Description

Sea Wall Engineering at Ouachita Job Corp

This project illustrates our lake edge analysis and design experience. The existing sea wall at the Ouachita Job Corp was deteriorated and failing. I&L investigated multiple options for replacing the wall including regrade and armor, concrete cast in place wall, modular block wall and a pile wall, among others. The modular block wall provided the most practical and cost effective alternative.
The design includes 2,594 square feet sea wall, electric utility relocation, clearing, grading, drainage, and site restoration. The wall was designed to withstand wave run-up.

Project Details

Key Personnel:

  • Tim Dean, PE, LEED AP, CFM
  • Mark Meyer, PE, CFM

Team: I&L and Geotechnology

Project Features:

  • Retaining Wall
  • Erosion Control


  • Design: 2017
  • Construction: 2018